Custom letterhead

I made some custom letterhead for a friend obsessed with hedgehogs this week. Here you go. Printed on a Vandercook no.4 and then I rounded the corners on a vintage corner-rounder. It had a very dull blade so I had to do each one individually. Yay!

Deer & Bear Wedding Invitations

I was honored to design and illustrate wedding invitations for a friend recently. They provided me with a location, some photo reference and a theme and I went for it. I printed them on a Vandercook no.4 and was able to get a beautiful impression. I'm pretty pleased with the final product.

Heiress LP/CD

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design and illustrate the new Heiress LP/CD for Mylene Sheath. I have to say that it's super gross. Their ideas are real weird and for that I love working with these guys. The packaging will be printed with a fifth spot color which is a super brassy metallic ink. Im excited to see the final, weird product...

Passage Between shirts

Baltimore's Passage Between asked me to design some shirts for them. I had a few parameters: one color, black shirt and they needed it super quick. So I got to doodling and came up with a few ideas... I will see what one ends up being the final...

Belief Mower cassettes

Here's a couple of cassettes I designed for Belief Mower records out of Eugene Oregon.

Dan Haugen/Blsphm split

VHMNT/Blsphm split

New work.

I am putting together a Sutekh Hexen/Blsphm split cassette for the Debacle Fest at the end of May. Here is a small type treatment.

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