Lord Dying letterpressed broadside

Here was another broadside I put together for a recent show. This one was super simple but kind of awesome for me. The type is handset wood and lead, hence the silly kerning—which I love and find charming. The upside-down cross was an experiment. It's mat board cut out and mounted on a block. It worked out pretty cool but I need to work the idea a little more. The paper is something that I probably won't use again. It's this handmade paper from India. It doesn't have any crap in it that would ruin the type but it's very inconsistent. It worked cool for this and looks cool with the transparent white but I think for any fine printing I will have to think of something else.

Here is a pic...

Edition of 23

Available here.

Heiress/Great Falls letterpressed broadside

So, for as long as I am able I am making letterpressed broadsides for every show I play. Here is one for an upcoming show with Heiress at the LoFi. At the time I wanted to print it we didn't have the openers confirmed so I took to this double-sided poster solution. All with hand-set lead type and carved linoleum blocks printed on chipboard. Layers are a red/silver split fountain, oil-based black and transparent white. I would probably change a little thing here and there but overall I was pretty happy with this one.

first layer (second pass, obviously)


I made a pedal for a coworker...

...and I fucked up his name. I ended up really enjoying the faux-Cy Twombly look and decided to commit to it. No regrets...

...but there was an explanation due.

This folds into a small booklet

Thanks to Andrew Gormley for helping me with the soldering. I suck at it.

Custom letterhead

I made some custom letterhead for a friend obsessed with hedgehogs this week. Here you go. Printed on a Vandercook no.4 and then I rounded the corners on a vintage corner-rounder. It had a very dull blade so I had to do each one individually. Yay!

Deer & Bear Wedding Invitations

I was honored to design and illustrate wedding invitations for a friend recently. They provided me with a location, some photo reference and a theme and I went for it. I printed them on a Vandercook no.4 and was able to get a beautiful impression. I'm pretty pleased with the final product.

Heiress LP/CD

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to design and illustrate the new Heiress LP/CD for Mylene Sheath. I have to say that it's super gross. Their ideas are real weird and for that I love working with these guys. The packaging will be printed with a fifth spot color which is a super brassy metallic ink. Im excited to see the final, weird product...

Passage Between shirts

Baltimore's Passage Between asked me to design some shirts for them. I had a few parameters: one color, black shirt and they needed it super quick. So I got to doodling and came up with a few ideas... I will see what one ends up being the final...

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