Passage Between shirts

Baltimore's Passage Between asked me to design some shirts for them. I had a few parameters: one color, black shirt and they needed it super quick. So I got to doodling and came up with a few ideas... I will see what one ends up being the final...

Belief Mower cassettes

Here's a couple of cassettes I designed for Belief Mower records out of Eugene Oregon.

Dan Haugen/Blsphm split

VHMNT/Blsphm split

New work.

I am putting together a Sutekh Hexen/Blsphm split cassette for the Debacle Fest at the end of May. Here is a small type treatment.

So we made some best of the year lists.

My band, Great Falls, tries pretty hard to make crazy music for a few weirdos and it seems that some of those weirdos thought we did a pretty good job because we made few "Best of the Year" lists. Maybe we need to thank Marc Maron too. We're no Deafheaven but we are still pretty proud of our little list. Here is a few:

Mr. West • KEXP 90.3fm • Seattle

Anderson Cook • Tapes of a Neon God

Ewan Frater • Collective Zine

Anderson Cook (again) • Tight to the Nail

Tony Maim • Black Insect Laughter

James Ballinger. Jeffery McNulty & Pam Sternin • Seattle Passive Aggressive

Instant Vintage

A buddy of mine the other day was in a pinch and needed some business cards in a hurry. I ran down to the letterpress studio and put together a card for him where I got to utilize some of my new cuts. Well, old cuts but it came together pretty good.


Did a flyer for one of my favorite experimental guitarists.

A few recent projects

Some Uff Da buttons for Annie's Art & Frame

And some Ballard buttons. Also for Annie's Art & Frame
Shirt design for Great Falls/Hell Comes Home

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